Point System

Attend GBMs, socials, or events for points. The more points you get, the more perks you get!

Perks change every quarter, and can only be received after paying a $10 quarterly membership fee.

4 Socials4
3 GBMs3
3 Chalkboarding*3
3 Community Service3
2 Fundraisers2

*A change from previous quarters: Each chalkboarding opportunity is one point. It is no longer 2 points for your first chalkboarding.
You MUST send photographic proof of chalkboarding to the publicity chair in order to get your points.

**Number of events may vary per quarter.

Check Your Points
Membership points for the 2014-2015 academic year can be found HERE.

5 points: Active membership + discounts, first priority for rides, and much more!

10 points: Participate in the UCSD Health System Shadowing Network!
We will connect you with a PA for 5 shadowing experiences.
Discounts, first priority for rides, and much more!
Extra perks!