Shadowing Network

Both the username and password are case-sensitive.

Only eligible members may access the shadowing network. For any questions, contact us at


PA Schools often look to see if you have shadowed physician assistants. It indicates that you have seriously considered the profession and understand how a PA operates in the workplace.

We know how difficult it is to get shadowing hours, so we have set up a network so you can talk to, shadow, and get advice from PAs from a variety of different specialties!

Here is a preview of the specialties we have:

  • Burn Unit PA
  • Oncology PA
  • Blood and Marrow Transplant PA
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery PA
  • Infusion Center Medicine PA
  • Cardiology PA
  • Neurosurgery PA
  • Orthopedic PA
...and more!


As of 2013, PPASO is collaborating with the UC San Diego Health System to directly connect you with certified physician assistants!

In order to participate in this exciting new program, we would like to ask that members fulfill the following requirements:

1. Be an active member of PPASO with at least 5 points at the time of your application. We will e-mail you once you are eligible.

2. Fill out the following forms based on shadowing venue. You are only eligible to shadow at the venues you fill out the forms for.

UCSD Health System
(10 points required)
Mountain Health and Community Services
(5 points required)
  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Badge Request Form
    You only have to fill out the date, name, and if you are a UCSD staff member or student.

  • Compliance Checklist
    You only have to fill out your name and purpose of visit.
  • You must have the vaccinations listed here.

  • Shadow/Volunteer Application
    You do not have to complete the references or background check portion.

  • Quiz Packet
    You will need to complete the checklist (pg. 1), physical exam consent (pg. 2), and confidentiality agreement (pg. 8) from this packet.
    You will also need to complete the Bloodborne Pathogen, Hazard Communication and PPE quizzes on pages 26, 38, and 54.

  • You must have the following vaccinations: Hep B vaccine series, TB test within the last year, and a drug screen at least 3-4 days before shadowing. Drug screens MUST be done through the clinic.* Email us to set up an appointment.

    *Drug screen only: $15
    *Drug screen + TB test: $25.

  • 3. Send your scanned forms, vaccinations, and schedule in PDF format to This website is an easy way for your images to be converted to a single PDF.

    4. After we get your forms, you will receive an email concerning your eligibility to the program within a week. If you are eligible to shadow within the UCSD Health System, you will be required to attend a mini-orientation.

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

    Shadowing Network Policy

    1. Always use the calendar for shadowing requests. If you email the PAs directly and circumvent the calendar, you may be removed from the network.

    2. Please sign up for shifts at least a week in advance. Requests made for less than a week in advance will not go through.

    3. School holidays (i.e. Martin Luther King Day, etc.) are not available as shadowing days. Shadowing during the summer is limited.

    4. Eligible students are allowed five shadowing opportunities only for a year starting the day of their initiation.